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On July 14 of this year, I sent a letter to Attorney General Beau Biden requesting that he investigate the Department’s handling of my father’s case with a view to instituting reforms that could prevent a recurrence of this type of misconduct.  If you share my outrage at the conduct of the Justice Department, please communicate this to Attorney General Biden at Attorney.General@State.DE.US.  Let him know you support reforming the system. You can cc me at:

Mr. Biden has still not responded to my letter urging reform of the Justice Department.

I have recently contacted the Governor’s office requesting  that an independent investigation into the Justice Department’s conduct be launched.  You can let the Governor know that you support such an investigation.  You can contact the Governor via the following link:

You can also contact your representatives in the Delaware General Assembly and urge them to pass laws to more effectively regulate the Justice Department.  You can obtain contact information for your representatives in the legislature at the following links:

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