Delaware Law Libraries:

  1. Downtown Wilmington
  2. Dover
  3. Georgetown
  4. Widener


New Castle County Kent County Sussex County
Superior Court Superior Court Superior Court
Office of the Prothonotary Office of the Prothonotary Office of the Prothonotary
500 North King Street 38 The Green The Circle
Wilmington Dover Georgetown
(302) 255-0800 (302) 739-3184 (302) 856-5263

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Online Legal Search Engines

Another Online Legal Resource:

Useful reference book: Legal Research by Stephen Elias and Susan Levenkind

Two law professors have recently written books detailing the problems that have been caused  by the lack of regulation of “prosecutorial discretion” in the United States:

These authors also have websites:

Other websites of interest:

Judgewatch This is an organization devoted to restoring honor and integrity to the judiciary.

Delaware Center for Justice

Stand Up for What’s Right and Just

Criminal Justice Council

Victims’ Rights Task Force website

VRTF on Twitter

Accident reconstruction tools

Final Velocity Calculator

Initial Velocity Calculator

Weight Transfer Calculator

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

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