Need for Reforms

There are four principal problems with the operation of the Delaware Department of Justice:

1. Mistreatment of victims – The Department does not always consult in a meaningful way with victims, as is required under the Victims’ Bill of Rights. It does not adequately take victims’ concerns into account.

2. Inconsistency in prosecution (see cases page)

3. Inability or unwillingness to regulate itself or adequately discipline its employees

The Department seems to be overly reluctant to overrule wrongful decisions of its Deputy Attorneys General. 

4. Inability or unwillingness to adhere to its stated goals

The Department does not always adhere to the goals stated on its website and in press releases.

For details on how the Department’s actions are not consonant with its stated goals, see Unwillingness of the Department of Justice to Adhere to Stated Goals.

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