Do you have a family member or friend who was killed in Delaware – or another state – in a case in which there were little or no appropriate legal consequences for the perpetrator?  This is the forum to meet others with similar stories.  Please tell yours here. My hope is to bring the subject of victim’s rights and the conduct of the Justice Department to the attention of the average citizen so that we may either change the justice system in Delaware or those in charge of it. Thanks for your support.” — Eugene Hamilton

I list below two homicides which were never prosecuted.

Underprosecuted Cases

Overprosecuted Case

See also Inconsistencies in Prosecution of Motor Vehicle Cases and

Evidence of DOJ discrimination against people of limited means

Mistreatment of Victims by Justice Department

I enclose below two letters that were written to the Attorney General by the daughter and the niece of Susan Massey, who was killed by another driver.   The Justice Department made a plea agreement with Massey’s killer without consulting with any of Massey’s relatives.  The Attorney General never responded to either of these letters.

Letter #1

Letter #2

Here are some emails (with names redacted) of someone whose mistreatment by the Delaware Justice Department caused serious personal problems.  The DOJ refused to prosecute the father’s killer.

emails of person mistreated by the DOJ

If you have a case similar to those cited above, please email me the details so that it may be included on this website.

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