Richard G. Andrews has been the State Prosecutor for Delaware since 2007.  Under his leadership, the Department of Justice has dispensed arbitrary justice – prosecuting some people for minor offenses and refusing to prosecute others who have committed much more serious offenses.  For examples of inconsistencies in prosecution by the DOJ, see the Cases page.  For documentation of Mr. Andrews’ dishonesty and lack of respect for crime victims and the rule of law, see the Andrews Complaint, a complaint I filed against him with the DOJ in December of 2009.  Mr. Andrews is the primary person responsible for my father’s killer escaping justice.   Now he has been nominated for a federal judgeship – a lifetime appointment.  The Senate could vote on him any day now. If you agree that he is unfit to serve as a judge, here are some suggestions as to what you can do about it.

Write your senators.  Non-Delawareans should cc the two Delaware senators.  The contact information is at the hyperlinks below:

For Delawareans:

Tom Carper

Chris Coons

For non-Delawareans, click here for Senate contact information.

I have enclosed more information about Andrews at the following link: Block Andrews

Encourage others to write their senators by emailing the Block Andrews link to them.

Postscript: Andrews was confirmed as a federal judge on November 3, 2011.   I had written President Obama several months earlier detailing Mr. Andrews’ dishonesty and urging the president not to send Mr. Andrews’ name to the senate.   My letter to Obama and his reply are accessible through the links below.  Despite the president’s statement that “I take seriously your concerns and respect your point of view.”, it is clear that nobody paid any attention to the letter.  I find the president’s willingness to appoint such a dishonest person as judge appalling.

Letter to Obama

Obama Reply

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  • Christina Sharp:

    I think Richard Andrews is a purely political animal with no understanding
    of or respect for the law.

    His recent appointment to a Federal Judgeship is simply a reward from the Biden dynasty for covering Beau Biden’s position as Attorney General while Beau was away in Iraq. In 12 months, Andrews’ department botched up 9 murder cases, in addition to the Walsh homicide case.

    Is Andrews unethical or simply incompetent? Either way, he doesn’t deserve a lifetime appointment to the federal bench.

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